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How Homeopathy can help with PCOS

1 in 10 women of childbearing age are affected by PCOS and at least half of them go undiagnosed. Women with PCOS produce a larger amount of male hormones and not enough female hormones, which effects ovulation. In patients of PCOS, the ovaries are typically enlarged and may even contain multiple small cysts. Very often an underlying PCOS affects mood swings, uncontrolled weight gain, increased acne, irregular periods and unwanted facial hair growth.

Most conventional PCOS treatments be it hormonal treatments or surgery in some extreme cases have side effects like unnecessary risks and a recurrence rate of 90% in the case of surgery and cervical and uterine cancers in the case of hormonal treatments.

The homeopathic approach towards management of PCOS is individualised and constitutional, taking into account the presenting complaints along with physical, mental and genetic make-up that makes a person unique. Homeopathic medicines are then chosen that act at the root level and can correct the hormone imbalance, regularise ovulation as well as restore and regulate the menstrual cycle. All of this increases the chance of conception significantly.

Note: Please do not self-medicate. Consult a homeopath for the right medication, an appropriate dosage and duration of treatment


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