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Heart Health in the times of Social Distancing

Yes, I know - it's a tough time!

Social distancing - Lockdown - You miss your friends, your work and most importantly your sense of normalcy!

Lockdown is the most important precaution we can be taking right now to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The guidelines are put in place, for everyone but for the more vulnerable populations—including people with cardiovascular disease.  EXTRA MEASURES YOU CAN TAKE TO KEEP SAFE:

1. Get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day. 

While everyone should be prioritizing movement right now, those with a history of heart disease should definitely maintain cardiovascular exercise, at least 30 minutes per day

  • Walking in your House is a great option

  • Online workout classes are an option - check YouTube for so many options

  • Moving is important - for every 30 minutes you sit - walk for 5 minutes

  • Walk a minimum 250 steps post Dinner

  • When Talking on the Phone Walk

2. Take care of your Mental Health

It's a known fact - Stress affects your Heart

And - a Lockdown can be Stressful

  • Stay in touch with Loved Ones - It can be a phone call, a video call However you choose to keep in touch, make it a priority

  • Read a Book

  • Play Board games

  • Watch some super funny Movies / TV shows

3. Eat Sensibly

Read Again - Eat Sensibly.

  • Do not follow Diet Fads - this will compromise your immunity further

  • Eat as per your Activity Levels - on days you are more active, eat more & on days you are less active eat Less

  • Eat all food groups in the right proportions

  • Boredom does NOT give you the license to eat when not Hungry (CAN READ THIS AGAIN TOO


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